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Introducing Bargain Hunting Momma!


Welcome to my first post on Bargain Hunting Momma.

I created this Blog in January 2012 as  gathering place for smart saving shoppers to share!

I know that saving money is smart! The only thing better than rush of getting a good deal and saving money? Sharing it with a friend!

My goal is to provide a place for savvy shoppers to share their ideas, tips and of course, hot bargains, with like-minded shoppers.

My content will continue to grow and change so stay tuned as the blog expands. My initial topics are Eating Out with Kids, Couponing and a general Grocery Round Up. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

I am based in Kitchener Waterloo so a lot of my information will be based on these areas but I welcome deals on all levels and locations.

I also have a Facebook Group which provides regular blasts about hot deals happening so please join if you’d like to be part of this.


Bargain Hunting Momma

Start sharing and saving today!