Getting Less & Paying the Same $$ – Incredibly Shrinking Products in our Grocery Stores


Size Matters – The Case of the Missing Sausage…


As the Bargain Hunting Momma, being a savvy shopper is always on my mind. So a recent trip to the grocery store has fired me up. Food producers are pulling a fast one on consumers and in retaliation, I am starting a new regular series called: Incredibly Shrinking Products

False advertising – shrinkage – downsizing – whatever you want to call it – as a mom and primary grocery shopper in my home,  I am an angry and disappointed shopper.

What is Going On?
There is a growing practice going on in grocery stores across the country that feels a lot like a rip off – getting LESS of a product while paying the same price. They call in shrinkage – I call it dishonest.  Consumers are left feeling cheated and I don’t care where you’re from, getting less of something while paying the same price is not cool. We all work hard for our money and do our best to so get the most bang for our buck.

The companies are doing it a sneaky way, hoping that no one will notice. The changes are subtle and the packaging stays the same and unless you are a very observant shopper, most people really don’t even notice. It’s a marketing technique called “downsizing,” a way of passing on a price increase without technically raising the price.  They are basically hiding a price increase by shrinking the size of the product. Shame on you! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Well this Bargain Hunting Momma has had enough – My new investigative series will aim to expose the shrinkage and educate my readers. While we likely won’t stop buying the products we like, we at least deserve the right to know!


Investigation #1:  The Case of the Missing Sausage

PRODUCT :  Schneiders Oktoberfest Sausages

THEN – 5 sausages   450g  

each sausage = 90 grams

Bright Red packaging


NOW – 4 sausages   375 g

 each sausage = 93.75 grams

Orangish red packaging



The Verdict: Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

Same price, less product = RIP OFF!


  • Have you noticed?
  • Are you mad?
  • Do you care?
  • Please share your stories and send me your examples!

3 responses »

  1. Could not agree more Momma! Ice cream has gone from 2 litres to 1.74 litres in the same packaging. The weight of coffee inside the continues to shrink while the package volume appears to remain the same. They are stealing from the consumer. They are quick to add “NOW 20% MORE” or “NEW AND IMPROVED” but you will never ever see “NOW 13% LESS PRODUCT.” It is death by a thousand cuts.

  2. Way to go momma! I am another savvy stay at home momma that has noticed all of our shrinking products ! For all of the shrinking in size but never in cost products that magically appear with the same or in the case of the missing Oktoberfest sausage ” slightly the same” packaging. We as consumers are broke but not blind!

  3. I bought these recently after having not bought them for a long time. We have a family of 5, and always used one whole package of 5, which worked out perfectly. I was sooooo disappointed to find only 4 sausages in the package when I opened it!!! My youngest girls had to split a sausage, and in the end my husband and I ended up sharing ours with them because they still wanted more. Does it say “4” on the new package? Yes it does. But did I notice it? Of course not! It cost the same, and looked (basically) the same. For a Mom who plans meals out in detail, this was an epic fail, and left my husband and I (who ended up having to share!) feeling pretty hungry when the meal was done! Thumbs down to sneaky down sizing. 😦

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