Consumer Rip Offs – Stay Clear of Final Sale & No Refund Policies

I have a new shopping pet peeve and I am curious if any of you have been burned by these six dirty words…
Final Sale. No refunds. No exchange.
My message is simple and clear.. “Stay Away from Stores who have Final Sale or No Refund Policies.”
Following a recent impulse purchase at XS Cargo, I learned the hard way that all purchases made at this store are final sale. Ouch!  I was very surprised and disappointed when the cashier delivered the bad news but there was nothing I could do about it so I left feeling ripped off.  Not a good feeling.
I am usually a very careful shopper but this time, I got excited and let my shopping guard down. I was sure that the store was EXCHANGE ONLY but it was in fact much harsher — no return PERIOD. Kind of harsh. In my case, I bought 4 solar deck post lights which turned out to be the wrong size for my posts and now totally useless to me. The store could have very easily resold them as they were in all original packaging but this was not to be.
I take full responsibility for my mistake — I usually take the time to look at the return policy so I don’t want you to make the same mistake. In this case, “Nothing but Bargains turns out to be ‘Nothing But a Rip Off.”
XS Cargo does offer an exchange only policy but it’s very unfriendly and applies only to the exact same product and only if something you bought doesn’t work. I found this out since during this same shopping trip, I also bought a flashlight which turned out didn’t work. For this item, I was able to get a full refund only because they were sold out of that exact same item. What a crazy policy! Thank goodness they had sold out so at least I got my $10 back otherwise I would have been extremely annoyed.
On its website, XS Cargo describes itself as “nothing but bargains” and says it stock comes from factory over-runs, manufacturer’s close-outs,  factory overruns, cancelled orders, bankruptcy stock, package changes and buy-backs. They have 45 stores coast to coast including 22 in Ontario. They put out regular, sexy flyers featuring all kinds of super cheap deals of great stuff and brand name items including electronics (many refurbished so be careful of that too), tools, home fashion, appliances and more, but my interest in this retailer has come to an end. I will never shop at XS Cargo again.
Don’t Buy at Stores with Final Sale Policies
After having time to consider the situation, I’ve decided that stores who offer final sales or no returns will no longer be getting my business.  This is not a customer-friendly policy and I do not think it is fair. It feels like a money grab since the second they get your money, they want nothing more to do with you. The retailer has all the power with you at their mercy and I find it unacceptable.
As consumers, we should have the right to change our mind on a purchase and get 100% of our money back or at least exchange for something else in their store. That would have been better than the slap in the face I received.  Anything less is just not fair.
XS Cargo has lost a customer and will be much more careful when shopping in the future because it really stinks to be stuck with something that you don’t need. I am out $45 but I learned a valuable lesson to share. Always be on alert and pay attention to policies before you buy because when we let our guard down, we end up getting burned. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.
Tell me your story!
*Do you know of other stores with FINAL SALE or NO REFUND policies?
*What about other un-friendly customer policies?
*I would like to start a list so please send me their names and share your stories if you have experienced anything like this.

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  1. I have know about XS Cargo’s no refund policy for a while now and because of it I really think long and hard about purchasing something there. I will often look there, then check around before committing or vice versa. I think this is a terrible way to run a business…at least a store gift card to be used towards future purchases (something that you know you will use/keep obviously!!) would be sufficient. Sorry about your hard earned lesson. What size are these caps anyways? Maybe I would be interested in them as we’re redoing our deck.

  2. I can understand there are scammers out there in this world that buy stuff at stores and return it once it was used. However the biggest scammer here is XS Cargo and their return policy. They have this policy because they don’t believe in costumer loyalty.I once bought an item and tried to return it the next day with the box still factory sealed with receipt and a rude manager told me I was out of luck. This was an unneeded gift. Stores like this have no place in Canada. My advise, don’t shop there it is all crap that you can’t return and let them go bankrupt. I am just surprised with all the complaints I read on the web that the BBB doesn’t get involved. I guess from no on one must not only research the products but the store thats selling it.

  3. I was burned by XS Cargo this week. I purchased a vacuum cleaner that comes with a plug-in that doesn’t fit into standard Canadian electrical outlets. They got over on me this time in the fashion of a two bit street hustler. Good for them, I hope they take pride in their scamming.

    So remember kids, XS Cargo offloads unusable merchandise at sexy prices and and then just laughs at the suckers that they manage to burn. That’s their style.

  4. I’m lost here…
    Once i found this link after googling, ‘XS Cargo return policy’ i was hoping to find some valid information. However, I end up reading an article about someone trying to point the finger for their mistakes…..

    1) you didn’t check the size you needed for your deck posts

    2) you didn’t check the store policy

    The Solar lights were there beforehand, the store policy was there beforehand, so this unfortunate incident could have easily been avoided. I don’t see how this could be XS Cargo’s fault.
    In fact, the store name doesn’t even need to be mentioned here, becasue this could have happened with anyone at any place.

    • Don’t get lost, Steve, I have an Xscargo card that has $70 credit in it. It says clearly on the card: “Doesn’t expire” but now, although they are still selling their merchandises, they do not accept their card anymore !! whose fault is this, honey?

  5. i am also ripped off by these Xcs Cargo i feel so bad the cashier told me to wait and wait and wait after 20 minutes i then decided to just go very bad experience they just ripped me off !!!!!!!!!!!!
    and to think i just bought it in morning and returning it in the afternoon

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