Saving One Week at a Time: This Week’s Grocery Specials

Grocery Specials Week of April 18 – 25th
Welcome back for another week of savvy grocery shopping or if this is your first time, hello! I commend you for taking the time to plan your grocery shopping and I can assure you it will pay off. They don’t call me the Bargain Hunting Momma for nothing!
Smart shoppers have a list, a plan and attack their shopping mission with strategy. We all have families to feed and household’s to run, but after all it’s your hard earned money so why not stretch those dollars to get the most bang for your buck? There are many ways to save (Price Matching, coupons, Checkout 51, flyer deals) so if you are feeling overwhelmed, start with one at a time but the more you use, the more you will save. I promise you if you use this information wisely, you will save money every single week and there is a feeling of victory when you realize that the $20-$30 or $40 you just saved can stay in your wallet for another expense.



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Happy Saving my friends!

How to Use this Grocery Saving  Info..
* Read the Flyer deals – below is my weekly summary of what I consider to be the best deals from the flyers I get. ( I don’t always get all the flyers so I do what I have.. I don’t always get No Frills and never get Superstore BUT I always include the links to all the flyers in my posts — scroll down to find it.
*Really HOT DEALS are noted in bold as a STOCK UP ITEM
*Make your list – If you have paper copies of your flyers, circle the hot deals, make a list and then maximize your savings by Price Matching at one of these stores: Walmart, Freshco, Real Canadian Superstore. (Note: Food Basics, Zehrs, Valumart or any Loblaws owned stores DO NOT PRICE MATCH)
*Review your Checkout 51 Offers as well for even more super savings. (not sure what this is? Click here to learn all about it:  GETTING PAID TO BUY STUFF $ – JOIN THE CHEKCOUT 51 REVOLUTION
Happy Shopping & Saving my friends!
$3.97 MCain’s Thin or Rising Crust frozen Pizzas
$2.97 Heinz Ketchup 1L
$6.77 Tide Coldwater Liquid or Power Laundry Detergent (26-40 loads)
$2.44 Nestle Pure Life 24 pack bottled water
$3 Kraft Singles cheese slices 24 pack
2 for $5 Toaster Strudels 6 pack or Pillsbury Pizza Pops 4 pack
$2 Yoplait Tubes 8 pack or Minigo 6 pack
3 for $6 Quaker Chewy Bars or Dipps
2 for $12 All in 1 Finish Powerball 25s or Quantam Powerball 20s
$6.97 Sponge Towels Ultra Giant 6s or Enviro Doubles OR Scotties 9-pack of facial tissues
Food Basics
$1.97 Coke or Pepsi 6 pack of 710ml bottles
$1.88 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios 330g OR Kelloggs Rice Crispies 285g WHILE QUANTITIES LAST
$3.97 Beatrice or Sealtest 4L milk EVERDAY LOW PRICE
$2.88 lb Fresh Pork Back Ribs
$1.88 Black Diamond Cheese Slices 24 pack SPECIAL BUY WHILE QUANTITIES LAST!
$1.99 Selection Italian Style Sausages Family Pack 4.39 kg(approx. 12)
$1.44 Seedless Cucumbers 2-pack SPECIAL BUY
.88 cents lb – Red, Golden, Delicious or Breaeburn Apples
4 for $1 Red Grapefruits
$2 Strawberry Clamshell
$1.99 Dianas BBQ Sauces 500ml
$1.99 Bicks Dill Pickles 500ml
$2.99 Babybell 120g 6s
$2.99 Heinz Ketchup 1L
$2.44 Smuckers Jam 310-500ml
$3.97 @ package – Fresh Boneless Pork Loins Centre OR Rib Chops Combo Pack 6 chops
$3.97 Heinz Ketchup 1.5L
$1.44 Kool Aid Jammers 10 npack OR Quaker Chewy Dipps Bars STOCK UP!
.99 cents Mini Seedless Cucumbers 6 pack
$1.49 lb Red Seedless Grapes from Chile
.99 cents Romaine Lettuce
$5.97 Case of Coke or Pepsi Soft Drinks 24 pack (less than .25 cents a can!) Stock up for charity BBQ events!!
$1.99 Christie Cookies
.99 cents Catelli Garden Select Pasta Sauce or Italpasta Pastas STOCK UP!
3 for $5 Strawberries OR Blackberries
$5 Fresh Chicken Packs – Drumsticks (min 9) OR Thighs (min 6)
$2.99 Pork Tenderloin cryovacs Pkg of 2 (6.59kg)
$4.99 PC Shredded cheeses 340g
$3.99 Sunlight Powder or Liquid Laundry detergent 1.47 OR Snuggle Fabric Softner 1.47l
$2.99 Kelloggs Cereals – Rice Krispies or Mini Wheats
$2.99 Ocean Spray 100% Juices 1.89L
Zehrs 2 for $5 Cantelopes
$4.44 no name cheese bars
$5.99 Butcher’s Choice beef burgers
2 for $5 Country Harvest Breads
4 for $5 Oasis or Allen’s 1L drinks
.99 Fruite drinks 1L
$1 Kraft BBQ Sauces  STOCK UP!
Buy One Get One FREE Boneless Ribeye Steaks AAA
$6.99 lb AAA Sterling Silver T-Bone Grilling Steaks (almost half price)
$2 lb Red or Black Seedless grapes
$2 PEI potatoes 10lb bag
$1 Kraft Salad Dressings 250-455ml size STOCK UP!
$3 Simply Orange 1.75L or Astro Yogurt 12 packs
2 for $1 Pepsi Soft Drinks STOCK UP!!
$1 Michelina’s frozen Entrees
$1 PowerAde 710ml
$1 Kisko Kids Freezies 24 pack small ones OR larger ones 9 pack STOCK UP!
$1 Aylmer Tomatoes
$4.99 Highliner frozen Salmon or Tilapia or Sole Fillets 454g
LINKS TO THE ENTIRE FLYERS…….click on the logo to take you there…
No Frills Ontario

Checkout 51 Current offers


Any grocery trip over $60

Some extra savings from Checkout 51.
$1.00 Cash Back

Kraft Dinner Smart

Any Kraft Dinner Smart product.
$0.75 Cash Back

Brita® Replacement Filters

$2 off any Brita Pitcher, Faucet Mount or Bottle Replacement Filter Pack
$2.00 Cash Back

Nordica Cottage Cheese

$1 off any variety of Nordica Cottage Cheese.
$1.00 Cash Back

Bento Sushi

$1.50 off any Bento Sushi item
$1.50 Cash Back

Glade® Jar Candles

Any Glade® Jar Candle.
$1.00 Cash Back

Special K® Cereal

Any variety, 320 g or more.
$2.00 Cash Back


Valid on any COLDSORE-FX® product.
Not many left!
$5.00 Cash Back

Glade® Sense & Spray® Starter Kit

Any Glade® Sense & Spray® Starter Kit
$3.00 Cash Back

Bertolli olive oil

500 mL or more, any variety.
$2.00 Cash Back

Unico canned tomatoes

796 mL, any variety.
$0.50 Cash Back

Cheemo perogies

907 g or more, any variety.
$1.00 Cash Back

Organic Meadow milk

1 L or more, any variety.



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