Sneak Peek at Checkout 51 Offers May 9-15th!



Sneak Peek at this week’s upcoming Checkout 51 Offers! 

Earn up to $20 this week on body wash, wieners, juice, pasta, Clorox and more!

New to Checkout 51?

* Read my ‘How To’ article by clicking here.. Getting Paid to Buy Stuff – Join the Checkout 51 Revolution! 

Checkout 51 is the hottest new app to hit Canadian grocery shoppers and the concept is this simple – get paid to buy stuff. Launched in December 2012, Checkout 51 has exploded  on to the grocery shopping scene and as of April, they have an incredible 250,000 members.  This intriguing new app has set the couponing world upside down by paying shoppers to purchase items from predetermined list of grocery products. Best of all it is a FREE app which is incredibly easy to use and after reading this post, you will know everything you need to know to get started.


The offers listed here will go live on the app at 12:00 AM on Thursday May 9 and will expire at 11:59 PM on Wednesday May 15.

THE RULES:  Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.



Any grocery trip over $60
Cash back $1.00
Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, 354 mL or more.
Cash back $1.50
TYLENOL® Muscle Aches & Body Pain, any TYLENOL® Muscle Aches & Body Pain product.
Cash back: $2.00
Orville Redenbacher’s® Ready To Eat Popcorn.
Cash back: $1.50
Schneider’s hot dogs and Dempster’s buns. Buy any Schneider’s hot dogs/sausages and any Dempster’s hot dog buns together (on the same receipt) and get $3 off.
Cash back: $3.00
Clorox Spray Cleaners with Smart Tube® Technology $1.50 cash back with the purchase of any Clorox product with New Smart Tube® Technology.
Cash back: $1.50
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream, any Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream.
Cash back: $1.00
Clorox2 Laundry Stain Remover, any Clorox2 laundry product.
Cash back: $1.00
Oasis refrigerated juice, 1.75 L, any variety. Excludes Oasis SmoOthie.
Cash back: $2.00
Italpasta pasta, any variety.
Cash back: $0.50
Energizer Ultimate Lithium, any Energizer Ultimate Lithium product.
Cash back: $5.00

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As The Bargain Hunting Momma, I take pride in "Living Life Large on Less". I am a busy wife and mother who loves spreading the news about all the fantastic people, places and events happening in my community - Waterloo Region. Everyone deserves to 'live life large on less so my mission is share tips and ideas on how families can have fun, spend smart & get a bigger bang for their hard earned bucks. My Bargain Hunting Momma community shares ideas for affordable family fun, smart shopping on all purchases from groceries & learning how to do more while spending less. So what are we waiting for… let’s start saving!

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