Cheap Family Movies: ‘Land Before Time’ is Today’s Cineplex Family Favourite Movie

The Land Before Time (1988) Poster

Cineplex Odeon’s Family Favourites Movies

Showing Locally – Galaxy Waterloo & Cambridge & Guelph, Brantford
Showings in every city across Canada — check your local theatre.

11am showtime.. only $2.50 admission each. 

Enjoy a different movie every week. Affordable & fun way to take the family out.  Saturday February 1st is a real classic.. The Land Before Time!  This movie first hit theatres in 1988 and is the first in the very successful Land Before Time series featuring that cute little dinosaur Littlefoot and his friends. My kids love these and my copy was on VHS!


Rated G — geared towards the younger set .. ages 2 to 6 probably

The Land Before Time

Directed by: Don Bluth
Cast: Pat Hingle, Gabriel Damon, Judith Barsi
Plot: From its lush, dreamlike opening sequence to its epic landscapes, Don Bluth’s THE LAND BEFORE TIME is an enchanting prehistoric adventure. Littlefoot (Gabriel Damon), a little bracheosaurus, finds himself lost and on his own while he and his family journey to the lush feeding grounds of the Great Valley. Littlefoot, along with several baby dinosaur pals, must set out across barren, dangerous terrain to reach the Great Valley, encountering perils and adventures along the way.

Admission (taxes included):
General: $2.50

February 1, 2014



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