…living life large on less!

Who doesn’t love saving money, doing more    for less and making your hard-earned money go further?  I known I do!

I am a married mother of three who’s all about getting value & I take pride in living large on less. I love getting out and about with my family enjoying affordable & fun activities. I also love travel, to eat out and to shop, but as a lifelong bargain hunter, what I love most is sharing good value and great deals with others.

I am based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area so many of my deals are based here but many are scattered across Ontario and beyond and the information I share is useful no matter you live.

I created this blog and my online persona as “Bargain Hunting Momma” as way of sharing my passion for smart shopping with the world. My friends tell me that they’ve always thought of me this way anyways, so now I am taking it big and sharing my love of bargains with a wider audience.

This blog will be a great way to connect with like-minded moms & bargain hunters together we can use this blog as a spot to share ideas for affordable family fun, smart shopping on all purchases from groceries and beyond and learn to do more while spending less money. My ultimate goal is to help families get great bang for their hard earned bucks!

I hope you enjoy my site and start spending smarter as a result.

So what are we waiting for… let’s start saving!



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Reviews, Testimonials, Product Testing & More! 
I love sharing great products, places, services and opportunities with my readers and would love the opportunity to do a review or test out your product or service. I am open to giveaways or running a contest to share things that I believe in and that pass the Bargain Hunting Momma Seal of Approval.
My goal is to share products or services that offer value and help people live life large on less.
-Great family products of all kinds that make life easier
-Products that educate and inspire kids
-Affordable family activities of all kinds – local KW and beyond!
-Family friendly eating out in KW and beyond
-Great deals on groceries and food items
-ANY affordable alternatives to typically expensive products/services
-Family & budget friendly family travel day trips, attractions, etc
My reach also includes…
* Facebook Group
*My personal Facebook connections
*My Twitter followers
If you would like to discuss options, please send me an email at  and I’d be happy to forward you my media kit. 🙂

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  1. Hi and thanks so much for the tip on Ripley’s Aquarium deal. However, I was charged $16.95 for the book and you reported $12 ? Did you get the price from Chapters – if so, who, so I can get a refund.


  2. We went to Mel’s Diner last night and loved it! Saw that Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays…thought you’d like to know.

  3. Hi,

    I googled Lego birthday party St. Jacobs and landed on your page. I was wondering how you liked the Lego party at St. Jacobs and would you recommend it? Thanks!

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