Sports Registration time!
Part 1 of a Series…
This will be the first of several posts related to this topic but my first stop this year is…. Soccer World! As a mother of three, I have a lot to think about before I make my final decisions on who will play what and I hope this might get you started in the right direction.
SOCCER in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge Area
Believe it or not, it’s that time of year to start thinking about registering for summer team sports whether it be baseball, t-ball, soccer or something else. I remember when my oldest child was ready to enter this world and I was shocked at how early these things start and how quickly they fill up. Don’t panic, but all the initial registrations have already happened but that doesn’t mean the programs are full. Check for yourself.
It can be rather confusing and where you decide to sign up depends on what type of experience you are looking for : one or multiple games per week, weeknight games vs. weekend games, etc. There are also price differences to take into consideration, especially if you have more than one child playing.
My previous experience has shown me that included in your registration  you will receive a soccer ball, soccer socks, shorts & jersey but I am not familiar with some of these leagues so check for yourself. Team photos are included but not individuals.
I have participated in Kitchener Minor Soccer before with a good experience but this year, I’ve discovered that there are alternatives to consider if you are willing to expand your horizons and travel to a different part of town or maybe out in the country. Depending where you live, your drive might not be much further since city soccer fields are quite spread out.
Here is some research that I’ve done on outdoor soccer leagues to share. Good luck!  Please share your comments/experiences and ideas…
Woolwich Youth Soccer League
*Born 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009  – $90
Runs 11 weeks – Monday evenings – 1 game per week
May 14 – July 23
All games either in Breslau or Elmira (your choice at sign up)
Tues Born 2007/8 Elmira only
Thurs Born 2006 – Elmira only
*Born 2002 – 2005 – $135
12 weeks
Runs May 14 – July 30
Games rotate throughout Breslau/Elmira/St.Jacobs
Born 1997-2001 Rural House League
Games rotate in Elmira/Wellesley/Wilmot/St Clements
Mon or Wed OR Tues or Thurs games
No weekend games — all games played weeknights
Registration began Jan. 19th
For More Information
For families with 3 or more participants registered in the Woolwich Youth Soccer Club Program, the family will receive a discount of half of
the lowest registration rate for the third and subsequent participants.
Kitchener Minor Soccer
Registration began Feb 6th
Toddler (born 2009)  $85
8 weeks
U4-6  (born 2006-8)  $135  8 weeks
U7 (born 2005)   $145 10 weeks
One game per week – ALL games Saturday mornings at various fields
U8-10 (born 2002-004) $165  10 weeks
2 games a week – either T/Th or M/W
Kids 11 and up $185 12 weeks
2 games a week – either T/Th or M/W
Can’t find any info about a multi-family discount
Cambridge Minor Soccer
Online registration for outdoor soccer began January 1st
Tiny Tots $60 – Sat mornings (starts May 26 – 8 weeks)
Micro – U4-6 $100 – Sat mornings (born 2006,2007 & 2008) (starts May 16 – 10 weeks)
Mini – U7-10 $125 (born 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002)
Weeknights Mon through Thurs (starts May 21 – 12 weeks)
House League U11-18 (born 1997 – 2001)
starts May 21 – 14 weeks
Weeknights Mon through Thursdays
No longer offers any multi-player from same family discount
Waterloo Minor Soccer
In person registration only — late fees start March 1st
Leagues start early May and end late July/early Aug
*Little Kickers: born 2008 – $110 – Sat afternoons
*Soccer Fun: born 2006-2007 – $120 – Sat mornings
Runs May 5 – July 7
* Single Club Registration $180 – all other divisions (born 2002 – 2005)
Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs games – 2 per week
Runs May 7 – July 18
*Youth Soccer League – $180 – Born 2001 – 1994
Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs games – 2 per week
Runs May 7 July 25 or Aug 8th
*Family Rate
For 3 or more children in the same family, deduct $20 per player.

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  1. My daughter asked to play soccer, but I was not thrilled to fork over $100 and possibly have her not like it – she is only 4 and has never played! We are going to have her play at the YMCA ($30 a month membership includes playschool, swim lessons, and weekly sports and art classes).

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