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JK Doesn’t Have to be All Day!


Stanley Park Rosemount Pre School offers an Amazing JK Program for Children (& Moms!) Who Want an option that’s not “Big Kid School”


* Struggling with the thought of your sweet little 3 turning 4 year old heading off to all day, every day kindergarten this fall?

* Can’t imagine how they will make it through the 6 hour day, 31 hour week without melting down due to exhaustion?

* Worried about their individual needs getting lost in a classroom of 25+ kindergartners?

* Did you know that you are not legally required to send your child in to the public school system in JK- it’s your choice!

If you can relate to these thoughts and are feeling downright nervous and uncomfortable about this next big step in your child’s life or you think they would do just fine but you want another option, you are in the right place.

I have been in your shoes and as an Alumni & brand ambassador for Stanley Park Rosemount Preschool I’m going to tell you about an amazing option you may not be aware of – a 10 hour a week JK learning alternative program. This decision is certainly not for everyone, but I chose to skip JK at ‘Big Kid School’ and instead, sent my eldest daughter to this program with no regrets. I will always treasure this special time we got to spend together as well as the life changing impact it has had on her development. Below you will find several more quotes from parents just like you explaining why they chose this option for their children and why it might be right for you too.


Register for SPRP’s JK Program before June 29th and save $15 off your registration fee! Be sure to mention where you read about the program to get your discount.


Why Should You Consider this Option?…

If you answer YES to any of these questions, this is an option you should look into…

Does this describe you?

Are you looking for a small, intimate learning environment for your child with close personal attention?

Would you enjoy being involved and hands on in your child’s first school exprerience? (volunteering in the classroom 2X a month & joining 1 committee)

Is your child shy or anxious or do you worry that they are not quite ready for a ‘Big Kid’ school experience?

Do you worry that they will be too tired by the end of the full day of school?

Do you think your child would benefit from small class numbers to hone their social skills?

Do you feel nervous about sending your child to school for the first time, for all kinds of reasons?


About SPRP’s JK Program

  • Runs 4 half days per week
  • Times:  12:45 – 3:30 pm
  • Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons
  • Total classroom hours per week: 10
  • (compared to 31 hours in school system) all day/everyday  program
  • Maximum Class size – 16 students (with 1 teacher & 2 duty parents)
  • Cost: $178 per month

The focus of the program is on social skills, building self-esteem and confidence and developing a love of life-long learning. Due to the small numbers and low student-teacher ratio, the teacher can focus on the individual and tailor learning to suit each child’s needs.  The teacher really gets to know your child. Here are what one former and one current parent have to say abou their unique experiences:

Laurie S. says “SPRP provided a safe environment for my kids to spread their wings before entering the big school system. Both of my girls were shy so it was important for them to work on ‘coming out of their shells.”

Irene P. ,says “My daughter has always been outgoing and enjoys participating. The small class size at SPRP was GREAT for her. She had a chance to take a turn talking and participate at every circle time and in every activity. The teacher is really able to focus on the needs of each child and teach them how to work together…it’s been great preparation for cooperating in a much bigger group next year in SK.

Some parents are worried that if their child is not in a regular school program that they will not learn what they need to know. Not true – parents of children at SPRP feel that their children learned all that and more. Your child will learn everything they need to know (number sense, ABC’s, Jolly Phonics, etc.) but it is accomplished through a play-based program.Susan M. says “Our two children who are now in the regular school system are both reading 1-2 grades above grade level but what’s more important than that, they truly enjoy learning and believe they can accomplish anything.”

A Typical Day in the Kindergarten Program

  • Free play
  • Circle time (hello circle—more of a sharing/interacting time—each child has a chance to talk if they wish)
  • Free play
  • Circle time (learning circle—Jolly Phonics letters, science, math, theme, inquiry)
  • Art Room where half eat snack while other half use the Help Yourself shelf, paint, playdough, water or sand tables
  • Storytime
  • Outdoor play or time in the gym

The Philosophy:

-Provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning

-Emphasis is placed on caring & sharing while learning about themselves & their community

-School readiness taught in a relaxed setting

-JK program for 4 year olds incorporates the Jolly Phonics techniques

-Relaxed & natural learning through Circle Time discussion, songs & turn-taking

-Monthly themes explore concepts such as colours, shapes, seasons, special events

-Community Field Trips, Parent Education Nights & much more


Program & Facility Details

-Unique family oriented learning environment
-Maximum 16 children per class with teacher and 2 duty parents at all times
-Funding targeted directly towards enriching your child’s classroom
-Licensed by the Ministry of Education
-Experienced E.C.E teacher
-Safe secure location & beautiful facilities:

  • Supervised snack and washroom routine
  • Allergy Aware
  • Large fenced outdoor play area
  • Large bright Playroom
  • Art Room
  • Gymnasium

– Exterior doors locked
-Willingness to accommodate your family’s needs

What Parents are Saying About SPRP…

Here are some powerful endorsements from actual parents like you who were asked to share their experiences….

“The past six years have been some of the best years for our family.  SPRP has been the perfect start for our three children.  Each of our children attended both the preschool program and the JK program—2 years each. For our daughter, our eldest child, SPRP was the place where she really blossomed.  When she began preschool she was very shy and cautious.  After 2 years at the preschool she found her confidence and there really was no stopping her!  She made a really smooth transition into SK in the regular school system and now in grade 3 is a really strong student who often takes on leadership roles.

For our middle son, the play-based program was perfect for his learning style.  We felt that being at SPRP for his JK year gave him the opportunity to just be a kid!  He learned everything he needed to know for “big school” but in a way that kept him interested in school.

For our youngest, who is currently in the Kindergarten program at SPRP, it has been the perfect place for him to find his voice.  As a toddler he was slow to talk so when he began at the preschool he barely said a word.  Now when we pick him up from school it is a joy to listen to him interacting with his friends!”

Susan M.
Mom to three children all attended SPRP from 2006-2012
Active volunteer & member of Parent Board of Directors


“My first child is graduating from JK at SPRP this month . These last 2 years at SPRP have been fantastic both for my daughter and me!

My daughter is outgoing and a true ‘student’ by nature – listens to instructions, waits in line and is generally eager to learn. Many people looked at me a little sideways when I told them she wasn’t going to public school for JK. Besides being really tired, she would have done fine at the ‘big school’ but THIS experience was so much more! I got to witness her develop social skills, make wonderful little friends, solve problems, “sign in” by printing her name at the attendance sheet, beam as she had her turn as the ‘weather girl’ on the days I was on duty, take part in a number of field trips, sound out words in learning circle, have lots of individual attention and get to participate in everything. In the end, she got to a really, really fun first year at school and still spend lots of time at home with her little sister and me. She has developed a love for school and learning that is just wonderful to see – we know that SPRP was the best choice for her!

The extra bonus is the fun I’VE had and the friendships I’ve made! I don’t think I really appreciated how isolated I was feeling as a stay-at-home mom with many of my regular adult social contacts at work during the day. Through SPRP, I have met many wonderful like-minded parents. As a small group, we see each other often and at school. We have play dates outside of school and we’ve signed them up for dance, music, gymnastics classes together in the mornings before school. We share driving to school, we share stories, we vent and laugh a lot! I don’t know if the friendships will continue as we all move off to different schools for SK but I’m grateful for how they have enriched the last 2 years of my life.

Irene P.
Mother to 2 children  2010-present
1st child preschool & JK program, 2nd child coming to SPRP 2012-13.
Active Volunteer & Member of Parent Board of Directors


“SPRP gave my girls a solid base in preparation for their school years. We chose to send them there both for their 3 year old year and for the JK program when they were 4. We knew they would have many, many years in the big school, but that they could never have another year with Mrs. Tidd at SPRP whose passion for children in the years before 5 was brilliant. I am thrilled to have been involved with the hire of Connie Kschesinksi (Miss K) as she has the same passion for children and will carry on the SPRP tradition of providing a solid foundation for lifelong learning.”

Laurie S., 2003-2007
Daughter’s Chloe and Meg attended preschool & JK program
Active volunteer & former President on the Parent Board of Directors


“I chose to send my eldest daughter to SPRP for the JK program when she was 4 simply because quite frankly, I wasn’t ready for her to head off to the big school. I liked the program because it offered a nice amount of structured time in the classroom leaving more time for us to do the other daytime activities we enjoyed together. I chose SPRP since I had heard such amazing things about the school and it’s reputation is exceptional. When I started asking around, I was amazed at how many relatives and friends I already knew had sent their children there for the same reasons.”

Jenn B.,
Daughter Charlotte attended JK Alternative program 2004
Parent member Board of Directors


 About Stanley Park Rosemount Cooperative Pre School

Since 1974, Stanley Park Rosemount Preschool is a parent cooperative preschool and has been providing a unique opportunity for children and families to learn and grow together. SPRP takes great pride in meeting its mandate of building a solid foundation for lifelong learning while nurturing self-esteem and relationships in their students.

A co-operative preschool is a non-profit organization of parents who have banded together for the purpose of maintaining a preschool for their children. By doing this on a co-operative basis, costs can be lowered the costs while providing an excellent program for our children where parents and children learn, share and care together. Parent participation means being in class on a monthly basis, and assisting on one committee with specific preschool duties. Limited number of non-participating positions are also available.

The school attracts families who are highly committed to their child’s education making the entire experience for parents and children unique and special.


Located in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener, the school is conveniently located near the Ottawa exit of the Highway 8 Expressway for easy access. I know from having attended that people drive from all over the city to take advantage of the amazing programs offered at SPRP.

For more information about SPRP, visit their website, email them or call the number below to make an appointment to meet the teacher or view the school at a convenient time. 


Stanley Park Rosemount Preschool

171 Sherwood Avenue

Kitchener, Ont. N2B 1K2

(lower level of St. James-Rosemount United Church)