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FREE Coffee at McDonalds Feb 23rd – March 1st – 2015



Enjoy FREE coffee all week long from McDonalds. From February 23rd to March 1st, 2015.  I am not a coffee drinker myself (more of a tea granny! LOL)  but I have heard on good account that their coffee is fantastic. Comparable if not better than Tim Hortons so give it a whirl and enjoy!


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FREE Coffee for everyone! FREE small McCafé® Premium Roast brewed Coffee Until November 3rd


Drink up my coffee-loving friends..

Starting today, Canadians can enjoy a FREE small hot cup of McCafé® Premium Roast brewed coffee. Absolutely no charge, no purchase necessary, any time of day.

A really great freebie running until Sunday, November 3rd. . Enjoy!

And here’s another tip… if a small just isn’t going to cut it for you caffeine junkies, you upgrade your coffee to a larger size, you just pay the difference. For example, a large in KW went for $0.40 cents!