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When did Value Village get so Greedy?






Dear Value Village,

When did you become so greedy? After my recent browse of your store, I’ve decided that you have lost your mind and some customers too. I can’t shop at your store any more since your prices are so ridiculous that they are sucking all the joy out of my formerly fun thrifting adventures! There I said it!

Since when have all your  formerly reasonably priced items become so expensive?  Why? I’ve noticed a price creep taking place for years, but today it really pushed my buttons and I was inspired to write this post. Greedy. Greedy Greedy.

I was in fact so enraged during my trip that I felt compelled to share my dissatisfaction with your poor unsuspecting cashier. (nicely of course) This Bargain Hunting Momma was all fired up!

So why are being so greedy?  We all know that almost every single item in your stores is donated by kind-hearted individuals so your profit is practically 100%.

I fear that management has totally lost sight of the whole idea of “thrift shopping” and the idea of scoring a hot bargain. You have totally taken the fun out of that for sure.  Your high prices are actually insulting to me and I’m sure many others.

  • Do you seriously think that we are going to pay $18.99 for a used pair shoes? The racks are full of them at this price point.. boo!
  • Why would I pay $14.99 for a second hand Wal Mart brand boots that I can probably buy brand new on sale for around the same price?
  • Is anyone actually stupid enough to pay the $14.99 you ask for a Disney VHS tape (yes you read VHS)!
  • Used tops for $8.99 & up and dresses at $12 to $14.99 – too much!
  • Kids T-shirts and tops at $5.99 is really  pushing it. I remember when they were more like $2 and $3.99.

Yes – I realize they some of the items are really good name brands and yes they are ‘nearly new’ but enough is enough. You got them for free so why can’t you ‘pay it forward’ a bit and pass on a great deal to your customers instead of being so focused on stuffing your pockets with money. Flat out — please stop being so greedy.

Sadly, I just can’t enjoy myself in your store anymore and will choose to shop at other stores who don’t feel the need to rip me off with jacked up prices.


A Former Customer Finding Better Deals Elsewhere


What do you think? Where do you thrift shop for great priced merchandise?